you can write a poem at bedtime

You do not know how to weave frayed feathers together yet but I do. There’s a way to save the flying things and return them to what they know.

Start by noticing the way some of the follicles rise and clump together. Thank them for the heads up. They’re in need of a good washing. 

Next take the burnt parts and smother them. Dress their wounds like you would a baby. Use the finest muslin cloth. Take your sweet time. 

Then, ask for the gods to come oversee your handy work. Perhaps there is some piece of trash concealed amongst the fringe? Only Zeus himself could spot it. When it appears that the flying things are mended, breathe. 

If you have made it this far you have come a long ways, tried really good things.  Now you know it’s not about the flying or the view or the props.  It’s the weaving and the seeing the hardest work is worth the not leaving.

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