Choosing it all

I can’t go anywhere or talk to anyone without hearing sad hard grief terror and pain. It’s everywhere. And the Internet can be both helpful and harmful when it comes to awareness of issues and exposing myself to hate and misuse of platforms. The question many in my own tribe are asking is, ‘What can we do?!’  The truth for me is not as much as you want to. That doesn’t mean complete defeat. It means coming into reality. And essentially into awareness. I have to acknowledge it. All of it.  My insides want to crawl out from behind my skin bag and bones because bearing witness to the world doesn’t feel good. Yet it is the work of wholehearted living- and living with your whole heart is good for everyone on the planet. With that said, I’m posting a few pictures of what I’m seeing in my sphere.

If my mom-translator is correct this says that ‘God can be anywhere in your life.’ I just have to add, Oh, Thank God! Because sometimes there’s no connection in the spiritual practices.. Somethings like enjoying my messy house filled with messy kids who don’t eat healthy food is the most spiritual experience of my whole day. 

This human being seems to be growing inside me. And practically on auto pilot. I don’t get it. I mean I know there is a science to it. But I cannot personally conceive the miracle of new life. It has very little to do with me though. I love his low muscle tone tounge. Reminds me of a puppy. And puppy’s are practically unicorns- what is more magical than a brand new puppy? Super heroes are just people who get up and try another day no matter what happened yesterday. 

I choose it all. No ones making me stay here. Being a member of the human race, here on planet earth, in the USA and a proud Spokanite, means I get to decide. To stay or go, to stay sleeping or wake up. No ones forcing me to be here! 

Anthony De Mello says (paraphrased) most of us are asleep. That sleep is comfortable. And that waking up is painful- and we really don’t want to wake up. Because what we really want is new toys-we want relief. The cure is painful. I’d agree. I spent years drunk to get relief.  Then some more time relieving myself by being more involved with your stuff. So now what? Just waking up a little. Day by day. There is beauty and there is pain. There is good and there is hard. And it’s all just so damn brutiful. 

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