Letter for the better, Love Truth

Dear one,

I see the bat has been stowed away.  I thought it safe now to come out. I have always been here, I have always cared, the swinging crushing blows kept me scarred. You told me you were ready and that you had made the space.  You told me you were ready ‘so please come set me free!’  However, when I first arrived the house was such a mess.  The glassware was shattered, the doors all shut and locked, you looked at me and stomped, ‘READY I AM NOT!’

I hugged you and I knew you weren’t done with you-more bone collecting for your closet. But on the phone today your voice cracked in such a way, recognizable only to The Truth.  Come on over here my dear, sit and be well.  Stay close from now ’til forever.  There is always room for you and me. Always space to set us free.  Run wild, let your hair fall down.  

Now all the glass is out, the doors are open wide.  Every nook and cranny searched and still,  The Truth is all you’ll find.




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