shit is a prayer

My heart is breaking for Baltimore.

Hate.  Anger. Fear. Injustice.

Racism is alive and well in America.

Prejudice exists wether I like it or not.  And I don’t.  I don’t like it one bit.

We’re still calling it Gay Marriage.  Marriage Equality for ALL consenting adults. How about that?

My insides feel like wires pulsing with electricity- what will we do with all the hate and confusion?

How do you help alleviate the suffering of the world?

Mother Teresa’s motto: One at a time.

This is too much.  The weight of a world that is crumbling beneath our feet- is too much.

I have no answers.  I can’t stand those blanket, band-aid responses like ‘its all happening for a reason’… at least not today.  Sometimes there’s no making sense of non sense.  We need to be kind.  Maybe not best friends, but kindness needs to be our bottom line.

God, help me to see the world as you do today.  Everyone of your children is hurting in some way, where would you have me help?  And BTW, I know you know this already, but some of your children are assholes.  Help me love them too.


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