I wrote something!

Hi friends.

Back from holiday! Took a stay-cation from social media durning the last leg of 2014 and feel completely refreshed by a few days of no social media.

I turned 29 less than a month ago.  It’s so cool, this getting older business.  The only thing I want back from early 20’s is my rear.  Oh well.  I have a nice personality too.

I enjoyed Chritmas time very much.  Funny story:  I pouted a lot Christmas Eve.  Did you know children still want their butts wiped, food prepared and minds entertained on Christmas Eve?!!  Blew. My. Mind.  I kept waiting for them to get the hint that it was a SPECIAL DAY!  They were ruining it.  Messing it all up, literally.  Mess after mess after mess.  It didn’t occur to me until about 4 o’clock that I was the maker of my own misery.  I had a Santa Claus worthy laugh about it right then and there.  My belly shook like a bowl full of jelly, only mine was full of soft molasses crinkle cookies.  Thankfully, the day was redeemed and the night was indeed twinkly and magical.  Everything was great until we hit the hay- that’s where I do my best/worst thinking.  Thinking destroys my child-like wonder.  My thinker started to think things like, YOU BLEW IT! You failed Otto.  His santa suit didn’t arrive today as Aamazon had promised and you were so focused on this or that and now he’s left with only a few scraps to open in his stalking!!! Murderer of dreams!!!!!  

Too much coffee and thinking and social media and commercialism for one mama to take.  The second, more accurate, loving and kind thought; Christmas is magical because its CHRISTMAS!  It stands alone.  It really doesn’t require much from me at all.  The spirit of giving, the singing Happy Birthday to the baby that we celebrate, the time to play with our family and friends in cookie coma and red pajamas- THAT IS CHRISTMAS.   Sleep came quickly after that.  *All is calm, all is bright*

We caroled this year with another family.  Around the neighborhood we went, cookie bags and cute bundled babies in hand.  Friends took time to visit or send a card, the boys made crafts at school. We went to Gram’s house and filled it with our noise and with our love.  These are the highlights for me.

New Years Eve was another night for the books.  We ended the year in a corner booth at IHOP.  8 pm four kids two adults and a giant stack of blueberry pancakes.  I’m not sure why nobody cried or broke a plate because that’s what usually happens here? But they didn’t and that meant that we could talk kinda… I mean they was a lot of banging the spoon on the table and Otto making friends with our neighboring diner’s but all in all it felt relaxing and fun.

And now its 2015!

Here’s my journal entry from yesterday: I feel overwhelmed and unappreciated (with 6 people in a house it’s no wonder!  I mean there is just so many people to tend to!)

Here’s my journal entry from today: Amazing what a bit of writing or acknowledging can do for my spirit.  So much of it for me-and by ‘it’ I mean the surrender or freedom- is simply telling the truth.  I was feeling all cacutsy and brittle until I told the truth.  Its simple, basic and elementary and absolutely essential to my sanity.

Things I want to practice in 2015:

Peace- In the words of Ghandi, “I consider myself a soldier of Peace.”

Creatvitiy- make & do

Health- use this incredible God-given machine

Mindfulness- staying open to possibility

Letting go of:

illusion of control

knit-picking myself & others

nail biting-29 year old nail biter, no thank you.

character asassination-avoiding talking about other people when they are not present.  I’ve done this a lot in the name of ‘helping.’ I will practice integrity in my relationships today.

Well, this is a werid blog post becasue it doesn’t really feel like a blog post at all.  It’s not an essay or a story.  Its a smattering of thoughts and lists and a few details.  It’s ok.  It’s enough.  < Like me< Like you and so forth until forever.

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