wax on wax off

I am posting a link to the podcast I was part of with my good friends Ryan Miller and Ben Fowler… They host a monthly show discussing a variety of topics on Heaven to current events to favorite conversation piece at a party.

It’s not a perfect conversation. It doesn’t need to be.  For myself, it has propelled me into a deeper conversation within Mery and a deeper conversation with You.  It’s my belief that conversation is contagious.  And unending.  It sparks more lights, those lights catch and sometimes blaze.  We call this on fire!   

What lights you up?  What is it?  (Click)Here, I get to talk about recovery, God as I understand that Power, people and my trek through motherhood and wifedom.  This is the stuff for me, lights me up like a Christmas tree.

IF you don’t have itunes capabilities, click this for a friendlier version.

Happy Veterans Day- My thanks for your service!  May God Bless and Keep you!

3 thoughts on “wax on wax off

  1. I haven’t read any other comments, but I’m guessing there will be those who criticize you for breaking your anonymity, but I will not be one of them. Sometimes we work to protect our program from Boogey men, when there is a suffering alcoholic who may be saved by our disclosure. I trust that God is in play always and that there are no mistakes, just happenings. You see, I believe God is Love. Anything done with the intent of love and healing will turn out well. You may never meet the person whose life you touched with this podcast, but they will always remember and know you.
    I totally love your honesty, openness, and willingness to reach out. And that you see that who we are, we are everywhere. I’m your “biggest fan” (at least one of many) and you are the most real, bravest, smartest woman I know. Brilliant conversation; I benefitted from every word. Thank you.

    1. Sandy,
      I’m glad you brought this up. It was something I worried about. And while I do speak on my experience with AA I want to be clear that I do not speak for AA. I am not a billboard yet I am a grateful customer. Love you Sandy! Thanks for being a fan, a friend and a mentor.

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