gratitude list

Today, I am grateful that I don’t feel like a mess even though my house is.

I am grateful for smooth well-scented lip balm.  I feel sexy when my lips are pucker ready.

Thankful for the sun.  It came out today for a brief moment and it warmed my face and soul.

Grateful for Hobbs.  I love his chubbed fingers and the dimples in each of his knuckle spaces.

Today I’m grateful for Down Syndrome.  (some days I’m not)

I am grateful for non-judgmental awareness of myself.  Just observing what I see without contempt or fear.

Today I feel really grateful to be here on the planet with all of you.

Gratitude is happiness fuel… I am finding this practice of listing the things that I am grateful for disciplines me into seeing what’s true in my life.

Ego and fear often tell me, I don’t have enough… enough money or clothes or friends… fear keeps me from telling anyone those thoughts.  Fear does its’ best to keep me separate and isolated inside what I think is going on.

An attitude of gratitude as they say, helps me to put down on paper the facts.  Life is good.  When my perception changes my whole world changes.  Thankfulness shall not be confined to turkey day!  Let it be perpetual.

Thanks for reading I’d write you more it’s just that I forget and I’m a jungle gym for three wild boys most of the time.

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