a letter to myself pre baby

Dear Mom of two-almost-three boys ages 4 and under,

I hope you’re happy.  I mean, you really out did yourself with this one. Pfffffft.  I mean, come on, two wasn’t good enough for ya’ ?  You had to go ahead and permanently outnumber the parent vs. kid ratio.  To that I say, good for you.  You are one hell of a mama!  You and your family are beautiful.  All is well.  You’ll be ok.  Actually, you’re already are o.k.  You might be unprepared and shaky but  that’s ok- YOU aren’t the only person in this picture.  Look out the window, see your neighbors house, and notice the prayer flags blowing on this breezy afternoon…let them be a reminder that you have a lot of prayers coming to you and for you.  Parenthood is a neighborhood.  Doing it alone is optional.  Choose; tribe.

I know what you’re thinking.  What about Hobbs?  He’s still very much like a baby.  He doesn’t sleep through the night and heavily relies on diapers as a portable bathroom.  Well, I got news for you missy.  Hobbs is bigger and braver and far more capable than your ideas. They’re really more like limits.  Stop that,would ya? I know you love him and you want to make sure he is being loved, and taught and challenged and nurtured and I can promise you, it’s happening all the time.  With or without you, it’s happening.  Let Hobbs’s whole world flit off your shoulders just a tad.  He and the Big Guy upstairs are tiiiiiiiiggghhhht.  And although they love you- they don’t really need you butting in all the time.  Thanks.

Just try and remember that God is the producer of calm and not chaos, peace not confusion, abundance not scarcity.  It’ll be hard sometimes.  You’ll forget two minutes after you remember.  Be kind above all.  Let that kindness begin with the gentleness in which you coach yourself: Good job, try again, easy does it, how important is it, hush little darlin’ you’re ok.  If you could see yourself through God’s eyes you’d know you are safe, you are loved and you are enough.

*As a side note, plan on budgeting a good $25 dollars a month on coffee alone.  This is called tasty sanity and it is delicious.

5 thoughts on “a letter to myself pre baby

  1. Hey, I’m Ruby’s mom, I met you at the Plum Tree Winter party, my little one has extra genes as well. I have been thinking lately about my subconcious goal to make everything for my little one therapeutic or a learning opportunity, when all she wants to do is play with her big sister and tear about my house. But…that’s what kids do, and they learn a lot from it. They learn a lot from just being a part of a family that loves them and treats them like a typical kid. We have to give ourselves a break, because we need to be mom more than therapist. You of course will be able to handle all that life brings you with this new addition…think about it, did you ever think you would be able to handle a child with special needs…and you’re not only doing it, you’re kicking ass at it! We are strong mamas.

  2. Oh Mery…………what words would, could suffice…I love your connection to God, to your beautiful children, keep it going I love your soul, really….Rebecca

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