ass kicking

I got a text from a dear friend last week that read something to the effect of;  “These children are kicking my ass!  There’s been too much (this) and (this) and not enough of (this) and (that)”– insert your worst and best as you see fit.

To which I replied, “Parenting is an ass kicking job.  Somedays you kick ass and other days you get whopped. “Its being in the question of  Is this my  best ? Its looking in there to the bottom of the glass and wondering can I dig deeper?  I don’t know about you but for me, its sometimes a yes and others a no.  Honestly, sometimes Sesame Street is the kindest thing I can do for my kids.

Otto and Hobbs are both sick….again.  February is kicking our ass.  We have been sick for 90% of it.  And I am keenly aware that I have limits.  Thankfully, God does not.  Relying on the Bigness of this loving source BIG TIME today.  And for that, I can be a little grateful for sickness.  There is a sweetness in the intimacy it creates both with the boys and I and with me and my Higher Power.

With that being said here’s my to-do list for the day:

Eat popscicles. One is NOT enough.

Watch “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” with Otto— introduce your kid to a classic today

Be generous with hugs and kisses.

Rough life… Happy sick day ass kickers!

2 thoughts on “ass kicking

  1. My mom would play a board game with me when I was sick. I loved those moments. Then she’d give me jello and toast with cinnamon and sugar and maybe 7-up, and, of course, chicken soup. Ahh, so healing. I was almost sorry to get well and have to go back to school or whatever. I pretty much did the same for my boys. They took more or longer naps then which I really needed. Your blog brought back some sweet memories. Hugs to all of you.

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