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Happy Friday to you!  If you’re working today, keep it cas.  If you’re playing today, play hard! We’ll be heading back to the Spokane Guild School this morning for Hobbs’s second day of pre-school.  That’s right.  You heard it hear first, our boy has graduated his individualized therapy sessions.  Hobbs has been transported into a classroom setting.  Rocketed into the dimension of cubbies and a name card.  Twice a week for two hours he’ll be with other kids some with Down Syndrome some not, practicing good life skills and getting in-house therapy in speech, cognitive, special education and physical therapy.  If you have ever experienced leaving your child/children and come back to discover they didn’t die, got along famously and even enjoyed themselves you can totally relate to what I’m saying here.  I was completely shocked at how he just jumped in there!  Into this tiny school of fish he leapt from my arms and into circle fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.   Friends! Music! His very own bench!  Life is sweet when these are the type of things that  bring one the greatest satisfaction.

This mama’s heart is full of hope.  Seeing Hobbs amongst his peers, out of my reach and into the care of his teachers and his Higher Power, physically letting him go- was a big deep breath moment.  There was relief matched with pride mixed in with dark chocolate.  That is to say it was a little bittersweet for me.  Also, that I had found some left over chocolate that morning and found it irresistible.  Over and over again I realize that it’s not all on me.  I’m not the CEO of anything .  And Hobbs has a life outside of being my child.  Yep, that’s right our kids have other jobs besides entertaining us and demanding things from us.  They have better things to do sometimes besides being cute and loving to their parents.  So. Weird.

I watched through the crack in the door as Hobbs improvised dance moves to the the sing-a-longs, redirected his tickles to new faces and fed himself with a spoon wearing a bib.  Who is this kid?!  We’re considering a name change.  Trying on: Hobbs the Super Cool Big Kid.  There’s a part of me that’s like duh, Mery.  Remember?  Every other time Hobbs has been given the opportunity- he rises!  My job is to help guide him towards those doors.  The ones that seem too big, or too scary or too unknown.  Even if its just me who feels that way. Because what I’ve learned is that I really don’t know much.  I’m ok with this.  The stuff I do know has allowed me to be loved, help make a family and stay sober.  Those are all more than enough.  And my forgetter problem is just more practice for living life more in line with a will Higher than my own.

Here are two of my No-One-See-Me-Sneeking-Pictures-Picture.    I was the only Mom who apparently thought this to be groundbreaking.

Literally, through the crack in the door.
Literally, through the crack in the door.

Before you leave to carpe the diem and stuff I want to direct you over to Kelle Hampton’s blog; enjoying the small things.  I visit here a couple times of week.  Her daughter Nella, is so stinking cute.  Actually all of her kids are cute.  This is beside the point though.  For the next two weeks, in honor of Nella’s fourth birthday, they are raising funds for the National Down Syndrome Society.  Please go read the story of Nella’s birth and consider donating to their current efforts of raising awareness and spreading inclusion through the common-unity we all share.  We desire to learn, to love and be loved.  That about sums it up from where I sit.  Happy Friday you Cool-Big-Kid-You!


photo 3

3 thoughts on “common-unity

  1. Mery Noel, You are the CEO of your children… you are amazing, and Hobbs with his Bench warms my heart, I cried and cried, still crying….Im glad Hobbs is going to school, very big step for the little man. I just love reading your stories, the crack picture is.. well totally typical you i would so do it too, never though of it but im going to try it.
    I love how you love your boys, so yummy and warm, like how a warm piece of bread tastes so good. Anyways, you are the best Mom
    I love you with all my heart, keep up the good work


  2. Hooray for Hobbs!! This angel and others with Challenges are such great Teachers for us all. They have no judgment or fear about the things we “Big Kids” obsess about. They are all open energy and heart. You are doing an amazing, brilliant job as a Mom and I am so impressed at how far things have come since the ’30s when my sister was born. I will always wonder how much more she might have achieved if she had these trainings and opportunities. Ah, but she didn’t so there. Congrats to Hobbs for his commencement to school and to You for such a great job as his mother. Love you much.

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