You know what really boils my buttons?  People not acting right.  And you know how I know when people aren’t acting right?  They’re not doing what I want them to do and when.  That’s how I know.  Are you rolling your eyes?  Good.  My real true self sometimes is a complete butt.  I lose sight of all compassion and maturity and jump straight into toddler, stamping my feet and crossing my arms.  My way really is best.  And if you all would just do what you’re supposed to do, (never mind if I have communicated what that is or not) well then we wouldn’t have to have this conversation now would we?  It’s ok to make fun of yourself.  This sort of behavior although laughable, is very real for me at times.  At this exact moment actually.  About the only thing I could manage to do was to do nothing.  They offer, restraint of pen and tongue, as a solution.  It definitely buys time.  My weekend resembled a child trying to build sand castles during high tide.  Really. You couldn’t have stopped me even if you’d tried… pfffft.  On to Monday!

I’d like to go for a refresher course in sane adult who has her closet put  together.  Shoot for the moon and you’ll still reach the stars!  All kidding aside I know that,  this too shall pass.  So come on white-capped waves of  fear, frustration and indecision, PASS ALREADY!!!  GET A FREAKIN’ MOVE ON!  Please.  That is all.

There was so much about the weekend that didn’t go my way, however I found solace in the kitchen for hours. Things went splendidly, it was almost divine intervention.  Some of it was as simple as following a recipe, tweaking when necessary. Some inspired and surprising.  All good stuff, mostly.  (Butternut sweet potato soup was no ones favorite.) Maybe the lesson is;  I like the results even when I don’t feel like doing the work…and that salt and vanilla heal all things.   Time to get to work, lets whistle shall we?

Recipe for a Happy Day:

1-3 Cups coffee hot or iced topped with egg-nog

2 Tablespoons of be quiet and listen to the inner resource (its in you but it’s not YOU)

1 teaspoon of willingness ( if you’re pantry runs short of this like mine refer to step 2.)

3/4 Cup of admitting your own faults (lets not go crazy here)

2-3 Cups of acceptance

And let’s not forget a heaping dose of gratitude goes a long long way (even the Grinch would agree).

Mix well and be sure to leave plenty of room for God to do His thing.







From these pictures you can see it wasn’t all that bad… Some castles can never be broken.

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