Hobbs took four steps yesterday, a new record was set.
We celebrated with soup, friends and chirping Cardinals.
Today, marks that day. The day it all changed. He came into my tiny world and shattered all my old ill fitting ideas. I’m so glad.
It hasn’t always been easy. Parenting rarely is. However, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life… And it might be safe to say always will be.
I just left church. There was no Pastor. If you’d have gone you would’ve seen what I saw; my dear friend Caroline. Red hair and teeth that show off when she smiles. Similar with Hobbs’s birth, her talk consisted of breaking down old ill fitting ideas we have about God, being good or bad and essentially the root of all this confusion, the Tree of Knowledge. What caught my attention the most, and there were many attention grabbing points, was the bit on how babies & children and those affected with intellectual disabilities ‘reject the fruit’ of that tree. They don’t know to be embarrassed, to judge, accept judgement or think to compare themselves to others. They simply ‘enjoy the garden.’ Wow! A completely new concept to this girl. As a good Sunday school student I swallowed down the jagged pill that if you give in to sin and don’t persecute others for theirs you are as good as dead. Damned to hell for eternity. I was given a way out this morning. Something Janet was always reminding me to do: keep your childlike wander and awe. That’s it. The aim is to be whole not holy. To remain as children do, enjoying the many gifts from God which include but are not limited too: the ocean, ice cream, dreaming, breathing, Christmas caroling, the fifth and sixth senses and you… and her… and him and me. To love others and love myself.
Yes, it’s actually ok to love yourself. You perfect creature, you.
With Hobbs I get the built in reminder everyday if I’m careful to notice. See even God knows I have a forgetter brain.
He knew I’d need a daily crawling walking talking wobbly headed reminder. Sometimes God really does make it easy for me.
Thanks for following along with me here today and all the days ago. If you want to see more of Hobbs and my other handsome boys and Tay follow me on Instagram : merysunshine (duh).
Happy Birthday to all you other November 3rd babies especially my nephew Carson James!

Go shine your heart out today


Another shout out to Caroline Fowler!!! Great teacher friend mother to 3 sometimes 4 boys , I love the poo out of you friend. Always appreciate your thoughts on this place and the One who made it all.

2 thoughts on “Hobbs

  1. What a beautiful year it’s been. I go to sleep every night feeling lucky and blessed to have you all. Happy birthday to our miracle boy

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