Its cold outside folks.  I mean like, freezing.  Jack Frost visits nightly and the evidence is all over the leaves and my windshield come morning time.  Otto is fascinated with Jack Frost.  And Dracula, witches, Spiderman and worker guys (the ones with vests and hard hats).  We are walking everyday around 4pm while we still can.  In no time at all it’ll be dark at 4 and we’ll be taping flashlights to our green plastic wagon spaceship.  October is a good month don’t cha’ think?  It’s Eric’s birthday month and Down Syndrome Awareness month plus you get to legitimately dress up as a Super Hero and demand candy on sight.  And don’t even get me started on the PSL’s and the other various forms Pumpkin can translate.  Its a bit of an addiction.  Thankfully the sort I don’t get pulled over for or ruin lives over in the pursuit of.   October- I love you.

Clearly have the best kept secret going on here
Our second run-in with the Amazing Ella Grace

I want to tell you about the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk we did at the end of September.  It was thrown together last minute and if our good friends and neighbors hadn’t accompanied us it would’ve felt more like any other walk through the park.  Sometimes I need the reflection of other people’s eyes and smiles to remind me how truly special things are.  So, like I said they, as in George and Judy, came and walked the walk with us.  We were the officially unofficial Team Hobbs.  We were late, we didn’t fund-raise and there were no matching shirts… Nothing of the organized fashion.  However, none of that seemed to matter as much as it would’ve in the past. Because we did the most important thing;  we showed up.  That’s been my big spiritual revelation the past month: Show up and keep coming back.   And in this particular case; Step Up.   Good things are sure to come.

An update on Hobbs seems appropriate at this time.  The last time we were in the cardiologist office they said the liquid around his heart had dissipated.  Woooohoooo!  They also said strange and wonderful things like, “see you in 3 months” and “enjoy your healthy guy.”  I am convinced they were either high or starting early preparations for April Fools.  Three months in doctor office time is like three years in regular time.  I am actually not one bit skeptical.  That has never really worked out too well for me.  I’m better off trusting, better off believing.  I’d rather be happy than right.  This is also a good time to sneak in that the third installment to the Smith brood is due in mid March.  HE already has Otto’s nose and his mama’s lips.

Blessed and Blissed out on baby’s and Pumpkin-EVERYthing.

Your friend,


2013-09-21 10.19.37

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