in no particular order

Get back into bed at some point in the day… catch zzz’s or read something funny and transforming like this.

Make yourself something fulfilling to eat.  Chop, saute’, season, dress, just put some effort into a really really good meal.  ‘Cause you are worth it.  And it tastes good.

Find a pocket of sunshine and sit in it.  Paint your toenails while you’re there.  They will dry faster.

Call someone you miss and tell them how much you miss them.

Face yourself in the mirror and notice how beautifully you were created.

Watch strangers walk their dogs and decide to make them friends of yours and not strangers.  Say, “HI” loud enough so that they can hear but not so loud that they will be scared.

Remember what it was like to catch your first fish.

Write a Thank You to the nice family who always took you with them on special trips to the campgrounds, the rodeo and the mall.

Find yourself loosing track of time.  Then get lost again.

Pray.  For people who ask you to.  For people who you don’t really know but you imagine are very scared right now.

Listen for the patterns, for the song.  The same repetitive chirp, the synthetic waves of cars busses and trucks.  Notice how it’s all existing just fine without you for a moment.  Find some peace in that.

Ask questions you’ve been too afraid to know the answer to.  Today resolve to have no fear.

Go out of your way for someone.

Treat yourself with love and respect.  Be your own best friend.

2013-05-20 13.19.052013-05-20 16.44.37In doing so- You’re going to shine!

7 thoughts on “in no particular order

  1. How do you always know what I need to hear?
    This is the life I try to live. This is the life I embrace. This is the life I encourage my child to seek.
    You have this gift for touching my soul with your words, your smile, and just knowing you are out there making a difference in someones life.
    I think back to the first time I met you and I still can’t believe through all the ups and downs of our lives, you would be so important to me from afar. I may not get to see you in person or hug you often,but thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet, I get the feeling you’re right here with me everyday.
    Thanks Mery, you’re truly one of a kind. XOXOXOXOX

    1. God bless the internet!
      It is amazing, isn’t it? How people, just ordinary everyday people become in our eyes remarkable. Lately its the celebrities of my neighborhood I’m most intrigued with. I guess what I’d really like to acknowledge is we’re all more alike than different. And it was my difference-noticing-mind that separated me from sweet souls like yourself. I’m so glad I don’t have to live like that anymore. I’m so happy that you find truth and joy here Jaime. I love you. Keep coming back :)

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