win win

First of all a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the commenting for our 100th post celebration!

Funny how a little thing like ice cream can stir a group of us up.

I sat this morning and counted comments and then wrote the name that corresponded to the number in which each comment was recieved.

2013-05-13 09.04.14 Made a little pile of the numbers….and had Otto draw our winner  #4   Kara Dillard you are the weiner,  I mean winner and I am so thrilled to be sending this bag to you!  For those of you who don’t know she just so happens to be my sister.  But I swear, this was a fair pick from the envelope sort of drawing.  The good news?  If you really love the tote you can order one!  Details on that soon-ish.    I personally would love to see pictures if you do. Farmers Market, beach day, yoga mat.  Possibilities are endless!  I have pictures from Listen To Your Mother I am dying to share, the essay I wrote, how much I loathe the pediatric dentistry and a few other little trinkets from our weekend.  But first; otter-pops, jello and tylenol.  Back soon friends!

2013-05-13 09.12.58

2 thoughts on “win win

  1. Ok, so First of all I would like to thank my nephew, Otto for pulling my number out of the developed, Otto Auntie loves you! I would also like to thank basking Robbins, DQ, Foster freeze for making ice cream, thirdly I would like to thank my mom, for making my sister who made the bag who married Eric who helped make Otto, ok I’m running out of typing space…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

  2. Lol, Kara Dillard!! I love your speech!! Very well said & made me smile :)
    & Mery Sunshine keep shining on us!

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