We did it!

100 stories.

100 thruths.

100 i love/hate this.

100 times I sat and typed, copy/paste, delete. Repeat.

100 times.

This is the artwork my beloved made.

Looks pretty snazzy on this here tote don’tcha think?

Want it?
All you have to do is leave me a comment with uhhhh…. your favorite ice cream flavor. What? I like ice cream. And I think this is what real blogs do when they do give aways. They make you comment with something specific to generate hype and excitement. I think. I’m not exactly sure. I’ll draw a comment by random and the winner will receive this snazzy custom tote delivered by yours truly!

I mostly just want people, YOU to feel loved and appreciated by me. And sometimes the best way to say I love you is with a gift. Sometimes a foot rub, but lets not split hairs. I’m glad you’re back. I’m glad I’m back- lets get to giving!

Let the sun shine!

37 thoughts on “100

  1. Congrats! you are awesome and I love love love reading your blog.

    and my favorite ice cream is peanut butter and chocolate from Baskin Robbins. YUM.

    1. Thanks Kar!
      Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow- and maybe the next time we catch up we meet at the corner of NW Blvd and Indiana? If my calculations are correct there’s a Baskin Robbins tucked right in there. Hugs

  2. Hi Miss Mery
    I love your posts you can keep writing them 100 times or 1 time – cause I will love them now matter what. I love your spirit, your stories, your truth, your humor, you!!
    Can’t wait to see you on Sunday Live!! Cindy

  3. Oops favorite icecream is butter brickle…..actually pretty much any flavor works for me except perhaps bubblegum!!

  4. PS – I love the bag and I love foot rubs too!! Nice art work Eric…….I think that is enough comments for today!! Cindy

  5. My favorite Ice Cream… well I have several flavors that I like, first one is pistachio and then theres sherbert, bubble gum cuz i like pink, licorice becuz it reminds me of Wenatchee, I also like chocolate and peanut butter, i like strawberry, ummm.. oh i like praliens and cream too… so I like alot of different flavors, im glad they have a 39 flavors ice cream store in town, or is it called 31 flavors… anyways, you know what I mean. I LIKE ICE CREAM!!!! My address is 1470 West st. i like the free giveaway

  6. Yayyyy! I also love your blog and your person. My favorite ice cream… Maybe just a really good, dark chocolate. And all the others.

  7. Thank you, Mery, but your blog is gift enough for me. Whenever I see your name badge at the courthouse, I say a little prayer for you and yours. Hugs, Cherie

  8. I Amore’ Adore’ praliens and cream….chocolate mint, because of the chips of chocolate then of course French vanilla bean ice cream that I make…I do love those amazing foot rubs – and I really really want that bag! You never cease to Amaze me Mery Noel…Amore’ Rebecca

  9. From someone who doesnt like icecream that much, i do have favorites! & im picky! MY favorite ice cream flavor is Moosetracks & I’ve always enjoyed Ripple Fudge Sunday (I think that’s what it is called). When I get to go to DQ I prefer the “Strawberry Sunday, hold the ice cream please” :) and a bowl of vanilla with root beer draws up memories of summers in Lake Chekan with my dad & vanilla sprinkled with cinnamon or Chocolate Quick all stirred up & sometimes a scoop of peanut butter somehow makes me feel fancy :)

    1. Oh, yeah I forgot about DQ, I remember standing in from of the freezer there, so close to the glass I fogged it up, gazing at the dilly bars, wanting my favorite flavor butterscotch, I can still smell and taste those tasty treats to this day, its been 7 Years since I have had one…. peanut buster parfay! I haven’t forgetten about you either…sweet and salty tasty treat that you are, ohhhhh how I love you! I will come back for you my two tasty treats….I miss the snatch

      1. I didn’t know you were a fellow Butterscoth Dilly Bar lover? I believed I was the last of the Mohikans! Sisters, duh. And I believe that A.G’s favorite is the peanut buster parfait… Family of DQ lovers!

  10. I was just thinking you needed to start selling stuff on etsy or something… This tote would be a hot item!
    My fave ice cream these days is… coconut with chocolate topping.
    Good job on the blog and being a great Mommie! Hugs! Karrie

  11. Can I just say seeings that I don’t do dairy, I feel a little discriminated against with this “ice cream” debacle….really Mur? :-) Congrats on your 100 posts, love you so very much and give me a friggin bag already, they are adorbs!!!!! :-)

    1. It’s called sorbet. Ever heard of it?! And while we’re on the subject….Trader Joe’s has the most amazing Mango sorbet! I eat that in place of ice cream these days and it’s divine. Don’t feel discriminated against. You are in a nest of love and trust- oh wait. Crap. I just cut the branch and you’re falling to your little birdie death. SPLAT!

      Sick humor :) Not for the faint of heart. No birds were harmed in the making of this imagery.

  12. Love your sunshiney bag and Rocky Road ice cream ! Thanks for being wonderful you and I strive to be happy like you !

  13. I’m lactose intolerant AND I don’t like sorbet either….
    But I love the poo outta YOU, so that’s all I really need. Proud of you, MerMer.

  14. Cookies & Cream!!! I love your blog, I have wanted to start one myself but just haven’t made the time!

  15. Well Done Mery!!!! I must say I think rocky road does it for me. =) Hope all is well with you and yours. Enjoy for Mothers Day. Jill

  16. i’m a two scooper, chocolate peanut butter with mint chip. happy mother’s day, i’m sure your kiddos brought much sunshine today!

  17. Well old school Jen, and sometimes current Jen still loves to eat B&J’s Half Baked, but new school Florida Jen is getting real friendly with the workers at the homemade ice cream shop on the beach that serves… (wait for it) CONFETTI CAKE ice cream!!!

  18. Thanks for the blog, I’m grateful when I know the blogger, the I can hear it in their voice. I like the blog about your house & how it’s changed everything.
    Ice cream: blackberry & chocolate, but not together. I have more favorites because it’s so hard to pick just one (or two)

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