home again

Hey you! Yes, you. I am so glad to uh, see you. Ok, so obv’s I can’t actually see you but I trust, like Santa Claus, that you do exist. Its been almost four weeks and the place is now our place if you know what I mean. The house is the bones, the foundation, the walls. A home comes from thoughtfulness and love. A well placed bowl, a soft squishy toe-pleasing rug. To make the grade in our new digs you must be comfy. If you’re not pillowy soft and inviting, you’re out. I’ve gotten smarter since the move. I have learned not to leave easter eggs outside overnight or raccoons (possibly bums) may eat them. And that stink bugs are indestructible. Otto has 10 pet stink bugs, currently I only know where one is. Something else I’ve learned is how the sound of the cars driving over the Maple street bridge sound exactly like waves rushing the Oregon Coast. If, your eyes are closed. I love it here. There’s no place else I’d rather live. Good neighbors, good windows, nice hard wood floors. What I’ve come to know about our new place is that there isn’t one thing I don’t love about it. And that I am actually really afraid of…..chickens? This is new news to me. I was the one begging God for chickens and now… totally freaked out. The red one, Tyrone is the worst. She doesn’t spook easy. There’s a story there but this is another blog post entirely. Stay tuned.

Here are some (mostly instagram) pictures from our new home- mostly just of how we live. I am not a photographer-you know that.
2013-04-02 11.26.50

2013-04-02 16.34.10

Each egg represents its mother hen well. The soft fuzzy white one a Japanese something-or-other lays the smallest creamiest eggs. The red one lays the, you guessed it, the red toned eggs and the white one lays the basic white eggs. Pretty darn cool. These eggs were Otto’s lunch on Friday.

There is so much character to this place you’ll really just need to see it for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Come one over. I’ll brew the coffee while you relax on the couch, ’cause you know, we have a nice big comfy couch now.

2013-03-28 11.45.52

2013-04-02 16.30.03
This is Otto and our very-close neighbor Rhett having a water hose fight. Yards, the great escape.

2013-03-14 15.52.48
We like having our friends over. All. The. Time. Sometimes, its like a scene from Sandlot in our quiet little cul de sac. There’s nothing sweeter.

2013-04-03 21.30.49
Otto has a bathtub! He yelled from the back of the bus in Starbucks drive thru the other day, “Hey girl! I have chickens and a bathtub.” Gentlemen this may just be the pick up line of the year. Bubble baths a plenty. No one is sad to go back to baths.

2013-04-03 08.11.00
I didn’t realize moving would mean so much change. That sounds silly but really a lot more than just our physical surroundings has changed. From the way we all sleep to eat to play. Everything has changed, for the better. I’m more peaceful with a larger kitchen not so easily spoiled by a few dirty dishes. And Hobbs is like, “Hallelujah!” I got room to practice, walking.

2013-03-31 18.30.43

This last one was from Easter dinner…if you could call it that. I didn’t actually make anything. We sliced fruit reheated quiche and munched Juanita’s. But it was holy. When I think of Jesus I think of love and people. And I think that’s what he wanted us to do; love people. This may be one of my favorite things about our new house, it is great for having dinners, throwing parties, play dates, meetings and camp outs. Its a great spot to love on people. Any spot we choose love, is a good spot.

We’ll use this gift of a home to house honesty, open-mindedness and laughter. I’ve heard a dear friend say that, “A holy place is somewhere that it’s safe to tell your story.”

May these grounds be safe for my family and friends to come and tell their story, Amen.

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