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“Sometimes it is necessary to re-teach a thing its loveliness…until it flowers again from within.”
-Galway Kinnell

I get this. Sometimes even in passing I can hear a song, read something, look at a picture smell a smell and it just clicks in my soul. I get it. This is true, good and right. For me, this whole ‘re-teaching a thing its loveliness,’ was just that.
Its’ like in AA when they tell me “Came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity.” I’m thinking, ‘Restore?’ I haven’t ever been properly introduced to sanity. How could I go back to somewhere I’ve never been. But they are tricky tricksters and they just let me listen and keep coming back and eventually things have started to piece together.

“Much to learn you have”- Yoda. Wise, wrinkly, small little creature. Kinda like Hobbs. I watch him as he takes his one-billionth tumble. The guy keeps getting stuck in this one position where his back legs are completely locked out and his head is so dang heavy and gravity is winning and then his arms are locked straight out too and he’s just stuck in this fleshy triangle suit. Permanent for all of two minutes. Which would be fine except for the crying. It’s the soft whimper of helplessness those are the ones that really get me. I look at him, puzzled. Why is he making it so hard for himself? Did he forget what a champion crawler he’s become? Why doesn’t he just move already?! And then I think, I bet God’s somewhere thinking these same things about me. Like, “yep, now you know how I feel.”

I am one of those things that has had to be retaught my loveliness. Sometimes it feels like a big fat cruel joke and I’m being punk’d by Ashton Kutcher. It feels stupid and pointless. Until God goes and sends me an assignment and I get to practice, listen and share. And it becomes worthwhile all over again. Its recycling at its finest. The original go-green-organic-free-range-hippie: God.

Just incase you forgot today I want you to read this: You are lovely.

3 thoughts on “read this

  1. You continue to amaze and delight me with your courage, strength and wisdom. Oh, and did I forget to say your honesty and openness? I could go on at length. You just Rock!

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