Sometimes I just want to fly off the handle, burst the ballon that’s been growing inside as I practice taking a deep breath and responding in a Julie Andrews sort of way.

As Will-I-AM suggests, “Scream and shout and let it all out.”

Sucker punch inanimate objects: pillow, garbage can, stuffed dog but any stuffed animal will do.

Life can be messy/irritating/sensational/wild/free/hurtful/fair/unfair/joyful and everything in between. This is how I get through some of that. I curse under my breath. Cry into a pillow. Log on here and try to put it into perspective. Make sense of the insensible by orchestrating some words into something I can appreciate. Take that old lemons into lemonade analogy and you pretty much got it. I also love hearing back from people who read merysunshine and can identify with parts of it. We really were made for each other. Me, you, her, him the whole strange lot of us. So, more on this whole punching thing…

My husband overheard me fighting with the garbage can this weekend. When he confronted me I did what any self-respecting woman would do and totally lied. “It was stuck. I wasn’t doing what you thought I was doing!” In my defense it was stuck. I guess there could have been another way to unstuck the can that didn’t require a total beat down, I just couldn’t see it. He’s familiarized in my ways, a certain blend of crazy-beautiful.
2013-03-05 14.54.27
Needing to wear a band-aid or two on these days. Remind myself to be kind, to be gentle, to be loving with myself. Sometimes that’s the toughest one for me. I have to act as if I were my own friend in need of a hug, a good meal, a rest. I like the idea of being my own best friend. What would a healthy sane woman friend do in this scenario? It’s after I put myself in her shoes that I can see the solution. My shoes are worn in, scuffed and missing a lace.
2013-03-05 10.08.45
Love is really the Gatorade of life. It puts all those electrolytes and good vibes back into your system. The ones that anger and doubt have a way of depleting you of. I find my love juice through the laughter of friends, the full faced smile of Hobbs, a sunny walk, Otto’s dancing, strolls with friends around bare sidewalks. It takes some coaxing at times, to laugh at the dirty dishes and brush off the curdled milk hair but when it breaks like the sun through a cloud a smile feels and creates, Joydom! (My word for joy plus freedom.) Here’s me and Rachel with Joydom all over our blurred out faces.
2013-03-02 18.36.24
I’m loving the fact that spring is about to arrive… 15 more days and it will officially be official. Spring! More time outside. More pastel. Another reason to buy baskets and dig in the dirt. Small hints that something greater is upon us- Summer the land of endless days and ice cream cones. Although, this card is a great little reminder that today is THE day-
2013-02-27 10.08.14

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