couldn’t resist the love

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2013-02-14 07.27.14

Somethings, like tomatoes are good for the heart. Then there are those things that are good for the heart.
Eric. Otto. Hobbs. Taylar. You and you and you. Writing. Dancing. Laughing. Baking. Eating. Walking. Reading. Listening. Loving. Carousels. New paper and pen. Baskets. Markets. Coffee. Friendship. Pie. Faith. Attitude. Romance. Yoga. Breath. Art work. House Plants. Films. Pen Pals. Braids. Ducks. The ocean. Swing sets. Seeds. Ribbon. Family. Some of these things I love because they challenge me. Others because they make parts of my insides smile. Some simply because to do anything else BUT love them seems unnatural. I came to believe in love. I wasn’t always so over the moon about it. My love story is born out of deep mistrust that is slowly being restored. My inner source for all this love is God. It starts there and flows freely out into all of these things and more. I can’t stay long- sick baby in the house. Lets talk agin later after my chocolate induced coma has resigned.
xoxoxoxoxo yours truly,


What do you LOVE?

4 thoughts on “couldn’t resist the love

  1. Oh Miss Mery Sunshine……..I love you and your posts. Thank you for being so great at writing and for sharing you with us. I love: Baby Lotion, Sunshine, Flowers, Butterflies, my sisters, and my friends. Have a very Happy Valentines Day. Cindy

  2. Well, I sure do love you and your optimism and faith. I love the relationships in my life because they restore and rejuvenate me. I love warm, sunny days and brilliant sunsets. I love dogs and cats and all animal buddies. I love the touch of a beloved and the soft, silky skin of a baby. I love peach mango pithiest and a well cooked and presented meal. Adventure, trying something I haven’t done or going someplace new; chatting up strangers to share a laugh. I love laughing that makes my whole insides jiggle and dance and relax. I love life. I simply Love.

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