Do you know Frederick? The old children’s story of a little mouse with a gentle spirit and kind disposition. Frederick for those of you who don’t know is a mouse amongst mice. He and his family live together out in a field where they work during the warm months to stow away food and other supplies for the winter months. Only Frederick doesn’t ‘work’ in the way the other mice do. For example they haul bits of corn to their burrow for food while Frederick sits on the stone wall collecting rays of sunshine for when they forget what it feels like to be warm. Frederick even ‘works’ while he listens and collects words so when they run out of things to say, he’ll have a back up supply. The other mice don’t really understand Frederick yet they don’t push him either. When winter comes and the mice have eaten all their food and told all their stories (twice) they turn to Frederick for sunshine and poetry.


2013-01-30 14.40.45

2013-01-30 14.43.49

2013-01-30 14.50.35

I love this story. I love it even more now because I can’t help but to think of Hobbs. We seized the sunshiney afternoon last week and stole our first ride in the wagon well before it reached 40 degrees. I watched Hobbs sticking out his tounge as if were catching snowflakes- I believe he was catching rays of glorious light for us. That we might look to him later for a reminder. He was, as Anne Lamott puts it, ‘blissed out of his mind.’ Censory explosion. His little hands braced the side and his head tipped about with the grooves in our groovy neighborhood. If Spring fever is really a fever mine’s 110! I cannot wait to lose a couple layers and eat outside mostly. I’m jumping at the idea of new life! My wittle brain can’t wrap up the entirety of it all but I can tell you in most basic cave man style that I was blessed to be a part of new life this weekend. My (honorary) nephew was born. Perfect, precious and utterly edible with cuteness.

2013-02-01 20.34.21

And below is, Gus. I love Gus’s life. He keeps it real. Like some other good folk I know, you always pretty much can tell what he thinks of you or any given situation. Gus rocks. And because he’s so cute, he can make whatever face he pleases at me. I will still love him. Gus4life.
2013-02-03 20.10.25

Oh wait- I almost forgot to tell you… We got a new car! And not just any new car, a freaking 7 passenger VAN! Crazy right?! You know what’s even crazier than that don’t you? How much I love, love, love it. If you can’t already tell I’m busting at the seams. This thing is changing lives. Got me some swagger wagon baby! Yes, you can ride in it. Do you ever just catch yourself smiling? Like by yourself staring off in to nowhere, smiling? My life is pretty much amazing- filled with all the hallmark usuals. I can’t get enough. I want to gobble it all up while I still have a chance. Mmmm.

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