Never underestimate the power of pb&j. Never, ever, ever.
Thick slice of seedy nutty bread smeared with crunchy salty peanut(almond)butter+raspberry preserve=Yumstown. Have you been to Yumstown recently? Weathers fair, however even if it weren’t you’re in Yumstown and you could just eat your disappointment away. I can’t believe what a hard sell this whole pb&j thing has been with Otto. The boy just doesn’t know whats good for him. So, I put on my best thinking cap and decided to try my hand at cookie-cutter sandwiches. I saw something similar in Parents magazine a few years back.
2013-01-23 10.05.15

2013-01-23 10.05.33

2013-01-23 10.05.38

2013-01-23 10.18.31

Proportions come later in life. The ratio of peanut butter to jelly made me a bit uncomfortable I’ll have to admit. I kept wanting to get in there and show him the glory of a lot of peanut butter plus a lot of jelly. I maintained a safe distance though. For now we just focus on what Otto describes as “do it myself, Mom.” I get to step back and cheerlead him on his pg&j making adventures, even though I really wanna get in there and do it ‘the right way.’ Which is coincidentally my way. Wow, I’m impressive. I even want to control three year olds sandwich prep! Thankfully, my dear sweet friend reminded me this morning that my actions don’t present the same tapes running through my head. They sound like, “Oh Gawd, there you go again. When will you figure it out. Just quit. Quit now. Give the kids a chance and just go away.” I may think crazy, selfish, controlling even down right mean thoughts about myself and others, but hey, that’s ok! I’m human. I do that. Its the what-I-do after the thoughts that counts. Hands off. Let the car in. Hold the door open for the slug-like fella behind me. Smile even when they don’t smile back. Usually. Mostly. Sometimes.

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