no fuss sunday

2013-01-27 09.32.09

2013-01-27 09.32.23

2013-01-27 09.32.49-2

2013-01-27 09.32.57
Sleeping-in Husband.

Castle cheese. More formally known as, string cheese.

Orange scented nail beds from all that peeling.

Strong coffee in Gramps’ blue travel mug, just for a hint of sentiment with my cream.

Lovely emails from friends back home.

Blog strolling here and here and here.

Hard boiled egg whites.

An 11 o’clock date with Pastor Joe… and roughly 1,000 others.

These are the days.

Lets savor the last day of the weekend, no fussing over dishes laundry or showers.

One thought on “no fuss sunday

  1. I wish you enough to keep your attitude BRIGHT, I wish you enough rain to appriciate the sun more, I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit Alive, I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in live appear much BIGGER, I wish you enough gain to satifay your WANTING, I wish you enough loss to appriciate ALL that you possess, I wish you enough hello’s to get you through the final goodbye. I Wish for you ENOUGH….
    My eternal devotion and ENOUGH love…Rebecca

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