baby party

Thursday. How did this happen? What happened to Tuesday and Wednesday? Last thing I remember we were eating all you can eat pancakes at iHOP on Monday evening and now, Thursday. Friday pre-funk already?!
Last weekend I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower for one of my oldest most treasured friends. I cannot wait to meet the little person blooming within. She’s a walking appetizer. You know the toothpicks they stick olives on? That’s her. Tall glass of water with a perfectly round bubble in the middle. Adorbs.
I had the best time planning. I think party planning could be my future calling. Seriously get a kick out of table displays and themed events. You may call me, Rebecca.
I found this classic tale at Goodwill (in prime condition) and decided to make it the guest book by attaching two sheets of paper on the inside. Now baby has a great book with a lot of love in it too!
2013-01-19 13.31.10
2013-01-19 14.04.03

2013-01-19 14.03.45

I made my first ever homemade lemon cupcakes! Here’s the recipe if you have a few lemons lying around don’t make lemonade, make cupcakes! I will never again buy lemon anything from a box. Well, that’s probably not true BUT I’ll think seriously on it because these were easy and amazing. I made some ‘Om’ cake topper’s with brown Kraft paper and toothpicks. The theme was an East India World Market Inspired. Lots of silver, gold and copper paired with the brown Kraft paper. I used the Kraft paper for the invitations as well as table ‘cloths’. Also fresh flowers are always a sure way to make someone feel extra special. I used a picture of Ali when she was just a newborn as well as some ultra sound photos of baby as a centerpeice above the cupcakes. I took my gold bird cage-like jewelry hanger and attached the photos using miniature clothes pins.
2013-01-06 20.39.42

2013-01-19 15.26.58

2013-01-19 15.08.18

The food was just as warm as the friends. Soups, Chai and an assortment of fresh whole finger foods. It was a very special day. I just love the picture of Ali and her quilt. Her Mom mailed it to me and told me to wrap it and stack it… not to say a word so Ali would be surprised. It was the sweetest thing to watch her realize who it was from. The tears formed in everyones eyes. What’s a baby shower without a few tears anyways?! Thank you Ali for allowing me to host your baby party! I love you lady. ReAm.

About to be…. dinner time?!! Time, you tricky trickster… got me again.

So long for now- xo

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