Hooray for Friday!

Starbucks: After Hobbs’s therapies on Fridays, we drive the extra one minute to the drive-thru Starbucks. Today before we could even spot the green sign of heaven Otto politely asked for a cake pop. We have one another so well trained. I obliged, as I mostly do on Fridays to this request. Have you had the new vanilla spice flavor?! Yumstown.

Itunes rentals: I love renting movies. Its a favorite past-time for Eric and I. However, renting at the store with kids in tow has become a bit laborious. Though not as fun as the process of scanning shelves of new releases and digging deep into the classics its convience reigns supreme. Plus, I have gift card just waiting to be torched.

Pizza Picnic. Might just be my favorite part of the day. As my good friend Caroline puts it, ‘the rest of the week I challenge my kids’s taste buds and practice table manners.’ Not today!
We sit criss cross applesauce on the floor with mismatched and stained-already dish towels eating pizza and sipping milk. We huddle under the big blue blanket and watch (usually) talking animals or dancing life-sized puppets.

I love Fridays.

Pssst… been planning a shower for my sweet friend Ali. Bringing back pictures Tuesday!

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