how’d this marshmallow get here?

In the name of spontaneity and all that is fruity and puffy!

I left my oldest boy, Otto a trail of fruit flavored mallows to follow when he wakes up from his nap.


2013-01-15 14.51.53

2013-01-15 14.52.18

Because today I am light-hearted… and unafraid of cavities… and a little bit more ok with myself. I find that whenever I’m kinder softer and more loving to me, the better able I am to be kind soft and loving with YOU. Plus, who really wouldn’t want to wake up from their afternoon nap only to find marshmallows leading them downstairs to a giggly two-teeth muncher little brother and one adoring Mom? It’s not a dream! This is real life and its sweet.

Have any funny memories you want to share in my comment box? Don’t be shy, it’s just me and the internet.

6 thoughts on “how’d this marshmallow get here?

  1. Well, when I liked getting up really early, grabbing my secret stash of hidden markers and drawing all over the walls of my bedroom. Cursive Heather…and flowers…hey, I’ve always found mornings to be my most creative time. Even today I get up and want to tap dance and paint and grab the world by the horns! I guess you could say when I wake up God leaves me a trail of marshmallows to my heart.

    1. Heather,
      what a beautiful description of God leaving you a marshmallow trail to your heart! Instant smile. I can completely relate to your morning rush…we’re in the same club. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I must say I never did think of doing that to you! What a wonderful idea almost makes me want to have “Do overs”!! You are so much fun! I am glad that my style in raising you was unconventional…Do you remember Lucy the duck? And leaving your Barbies out for me on the floor in the foyer so when I came home from a very long day at the restaurant your loveing thoughts and tokens of love were the first thing I was greeted by….you are so special!! Luff Luff you! p.s. I still have my Badge that says PROPERTY OF MERY!! Mwah

  3. So I have this funny memory but it happened so long ago that it isn’t very clear so bear with me. I went to visit my crazy aunt who had just gotten this cheetah adult onsie for Christmas and she wouldn’t take it off. Her poor children were embarassed by her as she wore it everywhere. Not int town but outside, watering the lawn, and sorts of this matter. Everyone thought she was a little cooky which she was but she was proud. She began life unafraid and laughed through most of it. Never be afraid of who we are and adult onsies. They keep your junk in. Love ya!

    1. Kelly Mae-
      I love your adult cheetah onesie. Almost as much as I love you and coffee. Think about it, that’s a whole lot. You are brave, sensationally funny and spotted…brown, gold and tan.

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