I really love winter food. What I love even more than the eating of the actual food is how you can cook it in the morning, in your pajamas with a dirty kitchen in a crock pot. I’ve been a big fan of this crock pot thing lately. I’ll be honest I thought it was beneath me. It was passed down from Eric’s Grandma to me about three years ago. I maybe used it two or three times in those years. What the H-E-double-hockey-stick was I thinking?! They are like the best invention known to Mom’s. Not just New-Mom’s or Mom’s of multiples, just Moms, everywhere.
I try my best to make scrumptious food for my family from whole/organic ingredients. For us, food directly impacts the way we feel about ourselves. Its a lifestyle. I get it. But sometimes you just gotta order pizza from Dominos. And throw stuff in a crock pot, because there are more important things to do like; build forts, crawl around on all fours like horses, draw stick people, blow bubbles and then chase said bubbles. Dare I use the blanket expression, balance? That’s it. A balance of fro-yo plus salad. Most days chicken breast and some days pepperoni pizza. This problem I have of taking myself so seriously has got to end. I feel I may be missing much more than easy and delicious food. I could be missing out on an opportunity to laugh with my Husband or get to know my children in a new more spontaneous way. What happens on the inside when I stop laughing and start scowling… I’ve heard the expression that the opposite of Love is not hate, but fear. That being said, what am I afraid of?
The dishes not being done? The house looking like a couple of kids live here?
I start down this rabbit hole of charting my worth in proportion to my accomplishments for the day. Math has never been my strong point. I know that the above isn’t actually true- its just really feels that way sometimes. I guess it comes down to this, I just realized I put Hobbs in his excer-saucer backwards! He looks really funny and its all because I was in such a hurry to finish my ‘very important’ blog post on not taking myself so seriously! I am LOL’ing so hard. Gotta go help Hobbs and think of something to make for din-din.
Bye for now friends!

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  1. Mery,
    I just love your posts – you make my heart dance with love….
    Just keep writing when you can I am certain that all who know about your blog love your posts. Cindy

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