write on!

Howdy friends(and Mom)!

Something really cool has happened. The Spokesman Review, Spokane’s biggest newspaper has written a sweet article about our fundraising efforts in honor of Hobbs’s first birthday. In our own efforts thus far we’ve sold about 50 shirts. All the proceeds go directly to the school where Hobbs does therapy several times a week; speech, occupational therapy, physical and a special education class. He is scholarly at age 1. I wanted to just give a quick shout out to remind you that we’re still selling our little bulldog tees (Get one!) If however, you cannot support the t-shirt fundraiser you could donate directly to the school if you feel so moved to do so. Let the spirit guide you.
This is the story. So cool to see people outside our tribe take interest in Hobbs’s school- I guess its other peoples school too, when something feels so much like home I guess one gets a little territorial. Big shout out to my main squeeze Eric for pursuing this! Love you honey-bear-maple bar booty. TMI?
In other news- Hobbs debuted his crawling skills on 1-1-13! Along with few other tricks i.e feeding himself, two bottom teeth and the big one, he said, “MA-MA” The theory is he’s been collecting this information for some time now and that in true rock star fashion he waited until 2013 to really start things off with a BANG! That’s my boy. All the makings of a one-upper and a show stopper. I joke, the truth is I was beginning to worry. Fear was closing in, “What if he never crawls, or talks, or has teeth?!”
The reality is and will be; all in good timing. Moreover, all in God’s timing.

4 thoughts on “write on!

  1. This is a very wonderful opportunity for the Guild School, I think it is wonderful as well that you both have an opportunity to be a spokeperson! Whobetta?? Love and Prayers Rebecca

  2. Hello Mery! My husband and I had a yummy anniversary dinner at your beautiful mom’s restaurant, and I asked her how you were….I used to come through the latte stand in East Wenatchee, and my Meg would be knitting….you were always a bright spot in our day! Thanks for those times when you were truly “Mery Sun Shine” to us. Hobbs will most surely bring God’s grace to you, as our Megan has to us……I friended you on Facebook and wanted to remind you of who in the world we might be! The Guild School sounds wonderful….Blessings and love to you, Kathy

    1. Kathy,
      My Mom had mentioned you coming in. She shared a little about your conversation, have to say it brought me to tears a little. I have such fond memories of you and your family stopping in. You were always so patient and kind to me. Hobbs is pure joy and truly a light from above. God has impeccable timing and I’m glad to have you back in my life now- thank you Lord for facebook! Big hugs to you and your family. Come back to merysunshine when you can!

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