how does 3 happen?

It happens all the time, to everyone, everywhere. I’m older now than I was a minute ago. And now again, older. Just like that. And when you strew moments together like that they make hours and days and weeks and months and pretty soon your ‘baby’ is getting kicked out of pre-school because he’s 3 now and considered ‘too old.’ Otto Liam Smith came into the world 3 years ago today and the world hasn’t ever quite been the same since. I can only imagine and speculate but if I had to bet money on it, I’d say he’s going to continue to change the world in BIG little ways. Otto has a way of exciting people just by being excited himself. He loves to; run, jump, dance, sing, eat chips, use a pen, play with cars, blow bubbles and read books. His favorite food is nutri-grain bars. He has one everyday at around 6:30 am. If he could he would NEVER wear socks or shoes. I can’t think of a more fun person than Otto. What surprises me the most is how he can switch from bouncing up and down and shooting spider webs into butterfly kisses and ‘snuckles’ in a matter of seconds. The dictionary uses words like, vibrant, force and energy to define the word, Alive. That’s my Otto, 100%.
Happy Birthday Otto Liam… I love you to the moon and back!
Love, Mom

2 thoughts on “how does 3 happen?

    1. Isn’t he though. When I was trying to answer his question on where to next, he interupted my speech with, “bor-ring!” What?! Already?! Big boy big attitude! I’m still laughing..

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