a quick thought

Lets dance a little more today in places less predictable and confining… Costco maybe? When we score a plump batch of dates, maybe? We could dance about it.
Kick up the dust in the aisles or while your waiting in line at the bank. The people next to you may laugh but that’s only cause they’re amazed by your awesomeness. At least that’s what I think.
I’m committed to dancing all day long whenever possible. Because I’m alive! Because someday I may not be able to! Because I have so much to be thankful for! Because today just warrants a good dance session! Let’s turn this up and shake what the good God gave us!! If you have a willing partner maybe you could join hands and dance around in a circle? Otto sure loves that.
Arms up
Feet tappin’
It just feels good. Happy Tuesday friends. Glad we have eachother.

5 thoughts on “a quick thought

  1. Good Morning Mery,
    I am dancing in my office because I got a box of fresh dates as a gift yesterday for helping a resident. We aren’t suppose to accept personal gifts so I am sharing my find……The dates are from southern california desert and they are so good. It does call for some sparidic dancing around my desk. Good day my friend and thanks for making me smile and other for smiling as they see me dance.

  2. You are one of the few folks I remember when I came onto the program 22 months ago. I was a mess girlfriend and you invited me to your home for the women’s monthly pot luck. I am so grateful for your example. Love the blog!!

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