birthday scene

As some of you are well aware, we now have a one year old on our hands. Although Hobbs is still very much a snuggler and cuddle-bug extrodinair there is a definite new found sense of exploration. Imagine the fisherman out in Alaska who try and bring in 50lb. Salmon… That’s what it feels like. Here are a few precious moments from the party. Big shout out to our friend, Ben Fowler who has been Hobbs’s personal photographer since…well, his whole life actually. Don’t worry if you missed the party, there’ll be plenty more!

We will continue to sell, “Our Little Bulldog” t-shirts in honor of Hobbs and to raise both funds and awareness for The Spokane Guild’s School and Neuromuscular center. You can find all that information here on the website;
Thank You for your love, your presence, your presents and your support. I know Hobbs is loved by many others aside from his immediate family. As a Mom, that just feels good. To know that other people are looking out for your kids too. It takes a village. Happy friday friends!

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