snow days

It is a snow day here in Spokane. Deep sigh. I thought it’d never come. I am a snow person. To me snow means tradition and magic. Tradition breeds the magic. I always call my dear old friend Karmen on the first day of snow. We have been sharing this tradition and overall love for christmas since we were tweens. Yes, we had a small start up business of crafting many years ago called, “Santa’s little helpers” We debuted our homemade ornaments and craft-tastic decopauged gear at 1 whole senior citizen craft bazar where we sold 1 to 2 items and gave the rest away. Our parents collectively spent a grocery shopping budget on our addiction to Christmas. But the memory of those afternoons working away on something we were both so entirely passionate about still makes me smile. We also spent much of that time listening to christmas music, doing our best Stevie Nicks impersonation of ‘Silent Night.’ I recently bought my own copy…Actually I’ve bought two. I guess it’s possible to wear c.d’s out?
Another snow day tradition I had as a kid was skipping school! Yes, my Mom loves snow just as much as the next elf. We would both “skip” out on the ordinary day of schedule and routine to frolic and play as the reindeer surely do! When I was really little we’d build snowmen and make snow angles as I grew up we’d make cookies and watch The Santa Clause…classic. And singing. We also used this time to practice our long-running christmas program. I’d dress up as the princess and my Mom the nutcracker. Some of you have seen it. Yes, we are booking parties NOW. This ‘snow-day’ tradition has transformed into a practice of appreciation. Sometimes I forget to inspect the tiny flakes or marvel at the fresh layer of mallow-like snow. This one single unofficial holiday helps me to remember those things.
I guess there’s just this twinkle in my eye that appears this time of year. The little girl in me squeals with delight. I start day dreaming about trimming the tree and wearing red more than usual.
To me the first day of snow calls for celebration! And getting your snow tires on won’t hurt either. Plus I could stand for more pausing, more noticing of the things going on around me. A blanket of white sure is pretty. Probably should light this and listen to this.
I’m off to fold laundry and make my afternoon cup of coffee (splash of egg nog). It’s never too early to wish you a very merry and bright day!

2 thoughts on “snow days

  1. i love this! and i definitely thought of your christmas spirit when i stepped outside in the snow today. happy first snow!

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