There has been a slight shift in my perception. But, it is causing great effects. I’d like to share some of my truths.
1. I am responsible to you, not for you.
2. I don’t need to feel better, I need to get better at feeling.
3. When I do the above it makes me uncomfortable and I want to get out of it, that’s when I’ll need to lean in the most. Trust God the most. Give thanks the most, cause something big is about to happen.
4. It’s not always my fault.
5. It’s not always your fault.
6. Sometimes difficult things arise even when people are doing their best.
7. Above all practice love and kindness, sometimes this just means towards myself.

You’ve probably heard most of this stuff before. Its’ not new news- it’s just some newly adopted truths I’ve found through some serious trial and error. Also I glean a crazy amount of wisdom through my lady friends. You know who you are :)
Be back agin soon… Hobbs’s first birthday is near!
(High five)

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