Soooo… I’m not real good at blogging. I cannot commit to time commitments right now. I can barely commit to dinner some nights which is why I love brinner. You know, breakfast for dinner. However, if A for effort still exists I’ll take mine to the fridge for display. I can rest assured at night I did my damnedest today to provide love, nourishment and encouragement to my family. Even the occasional dance move is thrown in there to balance out education and stuff. And some nights I just fall asleep hoping for a new day and a new perspective. (This is where I give a shout out to my friend, Caroline for giving me permission to laugh at my parenting failures.)
Did you know that October is National Down Syndrome Awareness month? Yep. I only knew that like 4 days ago when I was on this blog, Enjoying the Small Things. Many of you sent me here when Hobbs first arrived and I can’t thank you enough. Fowler Power let me borrow Kelle’s book, Bloom which I plan on reading here sometime in the near future-ish. Fall gets to be pretty wild in these parts. We just celebrated Eric’s birthday last week- so much fun! We stayed out ’till double digit time. I’d say a good 10-10:15….PM! Now we’re on to planning Hobbs’s 1st and Otto’s 3rd and Halloween costumes and visits with great-Grandparents and Thanksgiving and my 27th Birthday and our 5 yr wedding anniversary. Geez, I’m SO married with two kids. On top of all this its National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, alright back on track with the topic. The topic is kinda that there is no topic. There is no big ta-da! I keep thinking there should be. I mean Hobbs is very much so carrying the extra chromosome. We do therapies like occupational, speech and physical. He sees a heart specialist. He probably won’t be walking anytime soon. Yet, it feels totally normal. Its our normal anyway.
I don’t have a lot of opinions about leveling the playing fields and acceptance…yet. Our life feels pretty uncomplicated by Down Syndrome. We get along with our days like most any other family give or take a few extra dance parties. I get to laugh more often than I imagined. Its kinda like when I first got sober, I thought all the fun was over. How could I ever enjoy a wedding reception or a birthday or a movie ever again without drinking? That’s sorta how I felt when I first learned about all the maybes to do with Down Syndrome. ‘How are we ever going to have a good life if we’re always in hospitals and waiting rooms and doctors offices?’ I assumed we’d get the brunt end of the stick. How blessed we are to have a healthy little guy. And even when we’re in the doctors office and waiting rooms or at school God is putting amazing people in our life that we’d otherwise not meet. That’s one of the best parts actually. A friend put it to me this way, “we all have our currency, mine is relationships.” Nailed it. That’s me. I get this kinetic energy in me when I get to be around people. Given the opportunity, I love to share and receive, experience, strength and HOPE. Having Hobbs was like winning the Lotto. I feel like a millionaire. Only with less money and lower expectations.
We might walk October 27th in Wenatchee for the Buddy Walk (if the dang smoke would clear). We might not.
I think even just talking about it, saying it aloud, “My son has Down Syndrome, and I love him!” is enough to commerate it. I found myself talking about it the other day to the server at Olive Garden like it was no big deal… cause its not really anymore. That could all change should something dramatically shift in his health. Even then, I’m counting on God for enough strength and peace to get me through whatever should come our way.
I would invite you all to check back as Eric and I are planning a fund-raising effort of sorts for Hobbs’s school in November to celebrate his 1st Birthday! And also invite your questions. I absolutely LOVE when people step out and ask something. Its often a learning growing experience for me. I have learned that fear keeps me separated from God and my fellows; so to hell with it! I am not afraid of a little extra chromosone, or low muscle tone or tiny holes in the heart.
You are lovely for reading along…
Until we meet again friends.

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  1. Just never give up! We all love your blogs, whether there will be one tomorrow, next week or several months from now…Mery Sunshine you are a ray of sunshine my life and I am pretty sure I can say the same for all your readers. So, please know that “we” understand that life happens and we have no expectations of how often you blog. You just keep doing what you are, because you are Great at it (& your light up our lives one blog at a time) <3

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