hugs for free

Two arms wrapped around the trunk of another human being. Squeeze specifically. Don’t want to hurt no body.
I had the pleasure of being hugged today….by a complete and total stranger. She was a nice pregnant lady with a sign that read “Free Hugs” with a big bubbly red sharpie’d heart sign. The result was quiet surprising. I mean, I’d definitely classify myself as a ‘hugger’ anyway though I’ve not much in the way of stranger hugging. It was incredible. I felt jazzed. The energy could have something to do with the tiny life she was carrying. So, if you can find a pregnant lady to hug. Either way you slice it, I highly reccomend some hugging in the near future. Today is after all a National Holiday specifically for hugging. Get out there. Go make someone’s day a little warmer… don’t be shy you’ll like it.

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