today is great

“Today is a great day, this is me remembering it.”
Pg.195 in Eric’s book, Live Now.
Wow. My husband has a book. Crazy. Sometimes I forget how incredibly awesome he is. I do that with hands. Or my feet, particularly my toes which in a pinch can work for picking things up off the ground. I forget how lovely the simple everyday things and people truly are. I wanted to remember today for being great because it is. Every morning I wake up sober its a good day. Every night that I fall asleep rather than pass out is the end to a very good day.
Made a breakfast crisp this am using these ingredients;

Minced ginger on pear is my new flavor of the month.
9 kids plus coffee and mom friends makes for a fun start to any day. This day in particular.
Patty cake anyone? It’s been our afternoon delight for the past several weeks. So glad I have this portable time saver moment catcher, the iPod is i-tastic!




Fall is in a battle with winter. It feels like winter in the am and perfectly fall by mid day. Dress accordingly. Layers. This allows one to peel away gradually, I like when I can move into things at my own pace. By the way the “slaw” you’re seeing was my big accomplishment for last nights dinner, however today it made for a fantastic lunch. Cabbage+plain yogurt+lemon/lime juice+chili powder +red onion+ tomatoes=more the merrier slaw.
I actually got to use some of my own peppers! Growing edible food is new to me… and highly rewarding. All this talk about “today” makes me think of all the yesterdays: bare with me here.
I want to remind myself that there was a time not so long ago where I didn’t treat myself or others kindly. I want to remember I have a disease which tells me I’m different and stupid and alone. By doing so I can call attention to the miracle that is today…I’m still sober. Even more surprising might be, I’m happily sober. The real fun has just begun.
I guess I’m bringing this up again, because the other part of my disease tells me, “just one won’t hurt.” History has proven otherwise. It’s easy for me to forget that I was headed towards homeless and unemployable. Today, with the grace of God and my family I have the best job in the world. I also live in a beautiful home. All my needs and then some are met. And the surest way for me to lose it all would be to pick up a drink. They say knowing is half the battle, it’s true. It took years of chaos to convince me alcohol was part of my problem. Now I know. I am convinced that the solution is God and the daily reprieve I’ve been given. I no longer crave it. Sugar however, sugar and I are not on speaking terms. I’m really working on not using that to make me feel different either.
Whoa. I’m back from reflection land. Fun place to visit. Let’s drink up the rest of this afternoon and just stay here.

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