more like me

Here it is: my pumpkin spiced face.
This is me. After years of people pleasing and running on fear I’m beginning to get a true sense of who I am. The creature I was created to be. Yah, I’m still weird. Still enjoy public displays of laughter and dance parties in parking lots, however today I’m a little more ok with that. Today, it’s not my job to try and figure out what you think if me and if you like me or not. My worth is no longer based on what others think of me, or better still, what I think they think of me. The God of my understanding doesn’t make junk.
Note to self: I thought I’d like beets. I should with all their health benefits and so-and-so really likes them and I like them, SO… I must like beets?! Well, I don’t.
Finding out who I really am underneath all the Mery’s I thought I should be has been a process. IS still very much so. I feel like an archeologist uncovering dinosaur bones. Finding all the peices and putting them together again.
Note to self: I really love reading food blogs. I will do it more often and not feel guilty that I should be doing something more cool.
That’s all for now- wish me luck as I head out to run this race this weekend!

2 thoughts on “more like me

  1. Pumpkin spice latte….so yummy. Enjoyed myself one last night after working late at the office. It was much needed and I enjoyed every last drop.

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