Todays the day. Pumpkin-spice-latte day to be exact. Starbucks officially rolls out the latte and matching pastries to go along with it. Today the lines get a little longer while getting a little friendlier. Funny how that works. Something hints towards the season of giving. The season of slowing down and speeding up. Pumpkin Spice lattes americanos kick off the season of family birthdays, gatherings and all around celebration. It’s like this unofficial holiday for me. I start wearing socks… Begin stock-piling saigon cinnamon (so much better than regular ol’ cinnamon). I begin to daydream homemade costumes for Halloween and planning Eric’s 33rd birthday! Today just feels like kick-off to me. I’m ready to begin a new season. Summer was good to us, hope the same is true for you. Lets swap pie recipes and meet again soon. In the meantime enjoy a little video curtesy Starbucks!

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