i love it here

Back already?! Sure am. I really do belong here. In this space of doing something for the sheer love and joy of it. Nothing else. Doing something that’s just for fun, just for me is still a big deal.

As I mentioned in my last post we lack on running and romping space in our home. Its roughly 700 sq ft split into three levels. Two bedrooms that include a loft bed for Taylar. One bathroom, inconviently located next to the john which just so happens to also be the living area and dining room. Eek. I always feel so bad for people who come to visit and ask to use the lou. ‘Sure, go right in but don’t poop because I along with everyone else in the house can hear you and how much toilet paper you’re using.’ Or something like that. Undoubtedly tight quarters. We kinda like it that way in some respects. It causes closeness and requires careful thought on otherwise thoughtless impulse target buys. Everything must have place to be stored or tucked away OR ELSE. I’d also like it to be known there is no yard or grass to speak of.
Why do I bother sharing all this? Its because I want to share this;

This is Judy. Or Ju-Ju if you’re familiar. She and George are the first house on the left as you descend into Peaceful Valley. There home is like the Secret Garden+chickens and a stationary horse ride. They’re also home to the PV library. Here’s George;

If you need to find just the right book on poems or want to talk politics or need to borrow a wrench, George is your guy. He’s real popular amongst the little residents of Peaceful. We have the best time on our walks around the ‘hood. Its not often we come home empty handed. We usually return with some sort of produce from so and so’s garden or a borrowed thomas the train. People here know how to share, with their whole-selfs. It is like one big community garden down here. On any given day folks are outside crossing the streets to and fro, to and fro. Handing off gloves in exchange for icy jars of something sweet. The people watching is prime time if you’re into that sort of thing. Last week our lil’ village hired a graffiti artist named Husta, pronounced (hoo-sta) to come and tag our B-ball courts. The court lies beneath the Monroe Street Bridge. Its used a lot by downtown business folk, Eric included. It needed some loving. The last great works were done back in the 60’s when Peaceful really was a hippy commune. Check it out.

Funky right? Well that’s just the way we like it around these parts. That’s kinda why we love this guy too.

This is Nate of the nateerinnorth clan. He’s married to one of the sweetest creatures God ever did make, Erin. Together they made North. Perfect. He’s Otto’s playmate. Fantastic practice making on sharing and taking turns.

What I really want to tell you is; we stay because we’re loved. Our kids our loved by people that aren’t there Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Aunts, Uncles or cousins. They’ve simply taken it upon themselves to invest in them and us out of the goodness of who they are. Who this neighborhood is. Its the kind of place where shoes are optional when running over for morning coffee and you can always come back later and mean it. I think this is what they meant when they wrote, “Love thy neighbor.”

We have a community. I never knew how important that would be to me. Now, I can’t imagine life without my neighbors. They’re family. All we have to do is open our doors and of course, our hearts to find it.
pssssst… I almost forgot its getting to be about time for this AND this– Way to go Leavenworth! See you soon my friend- I feel like we’re getting the hang of things again.

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