Ocean you glad I didn’t say banana?!

Excuse the title. It was literally the first thing that popped into my head. Huh. Well, I must say I have missed writing this summer. I feel like we’ve taken a 100 road trips, ate 5 to 10 gallons of froyo and I’ve not managed to catch 99% of it. The truth is I’m still trying to find my balance with mothering, homemaking, taking care of myself, being in touch with God, having a romantic relationship, exercising, meal planning and friendship-ing. I want to squeeze creative writing time in their somewhere- but where? How does she do it?
As my neighbor just popped over to lend a helping hand and took Otto for some play time I’d love to catch you up on life in the Smith house. Ready? (cheerleading voice) OK!
We took a 5 hour drive and found ourselves in Longview, WA. Home to the sweetest set of Grandparents this side of Missouri. Really. They’re from Missouri. Grandpas got the southern draw when he speaks of ‘corn flecks’ formally known as corn flakes and Grandma’s got the meanest fried chicken you ever dared eat. Both are sweet as pie. Look at them.

A few nights later and a few pounds heavier, heart bursting with delight we found ourselves here.

The Ocean. Our favorite place to be come the end of August. Meet Ocean Mery. You’ll like her. She’s way cool. Her motto is, “Hakuna Matata.” Yes, she loves Lion King.

Introducing Hobbs to the ocean felt so right. I had to include Janet as it was only natural for me to greet her along with the waves. I feel close to Janet at the Ocean. I feel God’s presence and infinite power. I’m like one of the tiny drops of water that lands on your eye lash when the wind picks up. It was a quiet time (for some). For others, namely Otto it spelled one thing; FREEDOM.

When your main living area is roughly 400 square feet and you are 2 1/2 with a personality the size of the empire state building the ocean is exactly what you need to be in true form. Meet Ocean Otto. He doesn’t say much. Mostly squeals of delight and careful examination; crab shells, jelly fish, oyster homes, centipedes. It was such a gift to be fully aware of what was taking place. To really live each moment with each one of my loves. Including this little one.

My niece, Gwen. Or Gweny as most of us call her. Or if you’re Otto her favorite cousin, Gwent will do just fine.

See, I told you. Ocean Mery’s cool. We let old ideas about bathing suits and bedtimes just sorta fall through our fingers like the sand itself. Ocean Eric is just as wonderful. Ocean Eric doesn’t have a care in the world. No, Ocean Eric doesn’t even mind if the kitchen is messy before we tuck in for the night. Ocean Eric feels most at home in a flannel with a cup of something warm…cream? sugar? Anything you already got will do. I snapped this one and realized my well manicured man is actually pretty ruggedly handsome. I fell a little more in love with him this trip. Running around like a boy. Cat napping mid-day. Singing infront of the microwave while he makes his 10 pm foot-long ‘smore.

I wish you all could have been there. We could have buried your feet in the cool damp sand and spent countless hours doing absolutely nothing, together. What I’m taking with me alongside the endless photos and memories is the idea of less is more. Less t.v,ipod, facebook, internet. More of this;

With that I’ll wrap it up and bid you farewell for now. Let’s meet again at low tide when we can uncover all the greatness left behind.

3 thoughts on “Ocean you glad I didn’t say banana?!

  1. The ocean has that restorative quality for me, too, your descriptions took me there and I was with you as you romper and played, dug and waded in God’s Big Bathtub. Ahhh!
    Thanks for.tsking me along. Love you, Sandy

  2. Thank you once again, Ocean Mery, for sharing your life with us, even if it isn’t as often as you would like. We LOVE to get a peak-a-boo view, re-connecting our hearts to yours. The Smith’s are such a beautiful family, in & out.
    xoxoxox, The Dillardo’s!

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