letter to Mom

Remember that time in 7th grade when you took me to go see, “Waterboy?” For whatever reason I wasn’t popular that week at school and I thought everyone who was anyone was going and I just had to be there or I’d die! It was ten minutes to show time and we lived at least 20 mins from the theatre. Nothing not even time was going to stand in your way. We threw on our denim jackets, rolled down the windows in the audi and blasted KW3. I admit, I was a little embarrassed to be going with my Mom but as soon as we arrived it felt like we owned the place. You made friends with everyone there and were officially dubbed, “The Cool Mom.” We ate popcorn and I used the Redvines you bought me as straws for my 7up. We’ve always made a great team.
Fall time makes me think of school clothes shopping. When I was in the single digits of life you’d take me to Spokane. This meant; Cyrus O’Leary’s oreo milkshakes, Wagon slide, Nordstrom and the Bon Marche’. My first pair of Dr. Martens were purple lace up boots. I walked around the playground with my head down not because I was scared or ashamed but because I couldn’t take my eyes off of the coolest shoes on the planet. You worked hard to give me all the nice things you thought I should have. Needless to say, when it was cold- I was warm. When it was hot- I looked cool. Even more than those days I recall the shopping trip we took in eighth grade. It was just the two of us. Again. And some way somehow you managed to suit me up all over again. I’m sure I said Thank You but I don’t think I could have really thanked you enough. I didn’t know the value of a dollar. Or how hard you must’ve worked to be able to clothe me in all the brand names I thought I needed. Its’ only now as a Mom myself that I get it. I know now what I wish I would’ve known then. You loved me more than anything.
Mom, you gave me belief in myself the goodness in people and the power of a smile. You’re the reason I sing to my kids in the morning. I’d like to know that I’m instilling the same virtues in my children. Being a Mom is more about the being part. You taught and loved me well. Happy Mothers Day Mama. Love, Mery Noel

2 thoughts on “letter to Mom

  1. Mery Noel…………….You simply are amazing,I know there is a God -He entrusted me with you! I love you yes more than anything. You Honor for me is truly truly a blessing……….Mia Amore’ mamma P.S. I cannot believe your remembered ALL of those times,,perhaps because I had for gotten the waterboy movie,,,yes I would drop anything for you,,still will,,, and well you Own my heart ………….

  2. Mery, again you make me cry. I love this so much. I have had the opportunity over the years to say these things to my Mom, I love to hear her be so humble and say ” I just did what I had to do, no need to thank me, that’s what Mom’s do”, but I know not all Mom’s do these things for their kids. I have a teenager now and find all those things I complained about as a teen are coming full circle. I find myself giggling after a conversation with my son and realizing I just sounded like my Mom and I am more like her than I thought. I love to thank my Mom now, it feels so right to remind her of all the good times and how much I still cherish those moments and continue to do the same for my child. I am the “Cool Mom” most of the time with his friends and I think secretly he thinks I’m cool…lol lol…I guess I have to wait until he’s grown with his own kids to find out if that’s true…lol..Full circle, what wonderful blessings. I love you Mer and your kind, loving heart, your Momma is a blessed woman. Thank Mrs.Condotta for raising such an amazing woman, she is a true blessing to have in my life. Hugs~N~Love Always. Jamie

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