Grandpa Sherman. One of the last great gentlemen. He is from a better time. A simpler time. The man is basically pure gold. We say the same jokes to one another.. the ones we’ve been saying for 15+ years. He asks me, “Mery, how blue are my eyes.” To which I reply, “Grandpa, they’re blue.” “Just how blue, Mery?” and I sigh, lovingly again and with all the zest I can muster, “Grandpa, your eyes are bluer than the tounge of a twelve year old boy, who just won a blueberry pie eating contest!” Que the laugh. As in singular. Its usually just one until he says, “Look, for these prices you can’t get Bob Hope!” I lose it right there. Partly because I’m still amused by the sharade but mostly because I’m infatuated with him. Still, the most charming man I know.
My Grandpa will tell you down to the hour how long he was married to my Grandma. He doesn’t miss a thing-except for he is legally blind. So in the literal sense there’s a lot that goes unseen; for his Christmas card he dressed handsomely in a beautiful suit…… and a fishing hat. He had forgotten to take it off. He’s also the guy who dressed up as Santa Claus for Christmas and visited Children’s hospitals. His favorite song is, “You Are My Sunshine.” Guess that’s probably why its my favorite too. His house is decorated with Cats and pictures of his children and their children and there children’s children. He uses public transportation to visit my Grandma weekly. Grandpa still takes care of and enjoys his pool. On saturdays you can find him on the roof fixing solar panels. Yes, I did say he was legally blind. The best part is he’s still grateful. He’s not one of those grumpy old guys who tips poorly and doesn’t smile at little kids. I’m convinced his happiness is what keeps him youthful. Grandpa still loves Jameson whiskey and good Irish blessings.
We had a great day celebrating the man we all love so much. Its days like those that remind me to; call more often, show up regularly and go out of my way if possible. I’m much happier that way. I wanted to show you more of the party- I’m not so much of a natural photographer. I’m a conversationalist type. What I can share with you in that way is this; family is crazy/beautiful. Thanks for stopping by… next time lets talk about my new favorite word: Restore.

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