working hard

This growing up stuff is hard work. With Hobbs- not everything comes naturally. We have to work a little harder and a little longer on things that sorta just auto-pilot for most other kids. No one ever gave me homework with Otto…God made it so that instincts suffice. Much of what we’re learning at the Guild School is intentional touch and creative stimuluous. I have to check in mid-day and ask myself how much time have we spent on the floor belly down? Have we used the Nuk? Did we practice binky and bottle? And how about the homework from Shirley our physical therapist, has that been done today? I wanted to share a few photos of our excersies with you and a new idea

For the last 3 years I believe that all the intention in the world meant nothing if the outcome didn’t match. I didn’t believe in the power of intention. With Hobbs however, intention is everything. My world is becoming less and less black and white. I’m finding gray. What’s even more surprising is, I like gray.

We work on ‘waking up’ the muscles in his mouth. The Nuk brush used twice a day coupled with some “MAAA-MAAA’S” and mouth to mouth are part of his speech therapies.

I have so much hope today. Thank you for sharing and being part of that. Meditating on possibilities- they are endless. I bid you all farewell for now- off to school we go!

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