my friend, sarah

Hi friends! Welcome back to merysunshine. You were missed. Today I want to introduce my friend, Sarah. Truth be told I used to sing birthday songs with this gal at Red Robin back in the day. She’d come to work with rainbow colored streaks in her hair and glam makeup- I thought she was SO cool. Still do. Now the thing that bonds us the most is our love for motherhood. She’s doting mother of one and the all out image of hands-on parenting. A few weeks ago I had this strong urge to invite her to guest blog here @ merysunshine. I wrote to her and asked if she’d be interested. Thankfully, she was. It was pure obedience on my part. I had no motive other than to listen to the voice deep within. It just sorta bubbled up one day as I was typing. So with this broad outline of- speak your truth whatever that is and I’ll support you, she wrote bittersweet. Prepare to wear a smile all day after reading.
In doing this little mash up I have come to the conclusion that it is important to support your friends. Duh. Like you didn’t already know that. Sometimes for me though, I forget I can practice these things daily. In a not-so-big way I can be of service. Just by typing a few words back and forth. Encourage means: to stimulate, promote, to inspire with courage and spirit. I’d like to think that this is what happened here today. This is what I want merysunshine to be about. A place to come and feel inspired and supported, ’cause we are. Enough outta me- go enjoy the day.

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