Hi friends! I feel like its been forever. That’s mostly due to all this cabin fever we’ve been experiencing here lately. The hodge podge weather. Things have literally been snowballing around here. Just gotta roll with it. Needless to say; we’re currently all healthy and (fingers crossed) ready to welcome Spring!
Mind if I douse you with photos?

Otto’s first (official) hair cut!

Excited! The end of the hair cut meant:

Fro-yo! We had the best time! Hobbs tagged along the whole time catching zzzz… This is one of those moments for me. The kind of moment you savor like the last bite of, well, froyo. Its so bittersweet to let go. Even a little bit of hair.

This walking talking dancing jumping shaking rawring little boy is my baby. Big sigh.

We got muddy and then cuddly.

I’m so lucky to have messes to clean up. Laundry to wash. A Husband to baby. Babies to baby. As my dear friend Janet would say, “It just gets better and better and better and better….and better.”

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  1. Oh, Mery, they are growing so fast and getting so handsome. Except for the missing dimple, Otto looks so much like you. Love the pics. Thanks for those.

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