extra chromosome day!

I love this blog. My friend, (hi sarah) introduced me to Kelle’s blog, as many of you have, when Hobbs was first born. Since then I’ve drawn on her story and strength. In light of her blog I’m joining in on the celebrating of an extra chromosome. I’m tagging along in the parade. Prancing around doing the happy dance of life! 3-2-1. I wanted to share a short video of a moment with Hobbs. I’m no filmmaker- just a proud mama. Enjoy friends!

5 thoughts on “extra chromosome day!

  1. Hobbs’ smile is contagious!! How cute. I love your family and I love catching up with it through your blog. I read them all, it makes me feel at peace to know that you are doing well. I love you M!!!

  2. How wonderful to see and hear Hobbs “in person”! What a darling you are bless with! Love to you all, Sandy in Wenatchee

  3. Awww I finally get to see in Hobbs in action!!! What a DOLL!! <3 :D <3 :D
    Mery Sunshine, a ray of light in my life, thank you dearly for sharing SO much of your life, opeing up vulnerable windows to your soul. It's the very essence of that raw, real life that is connecting all of your reader's hearts to all of your hearts: Eric, you, Tay, Otto & Hobbs.Opening up and discovering wounds, healing wounds…. & blossoming spirits.
    Bountiful Blessings to All of You!!!
    <3 T

  4. Can I start off by saying, I felt a little like a celebrity:) Thank you for the beautiful video, as my eyes filled with tears, it was obvious this was a video oozing with love (and I am a sap for love movies). We all are better people for knowing you and reading your blog. Please keep up ALL the good work. <3

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