let me be

Let me be content with what is.

Let me listen intently. And then respond.

Let me laugh easier and keep a light hearted nature. Apply rule #62 which states; Don’t take yourself so damn darn seriously.

Let me be a treasure chest of happy memories for my children.

Let me be easy on others, cut slack and practice compassion.

Let it be.

I so appreciate when others remind me that there’s a better way to do things. I make it too hard on myself some days. I forget to relax and enjoy. I forget that I have a choice in the matter of my own happiness. I need nudges into action. I am open (mostly) to suggestions. Given any number of days I am just doing the best I can with what I have for that day, alone. There’s a sense of spring in the air. Its not completely spring time but I can feel it seeping in- fresh rain and tiny sprouts of green.
Happy day to you all

One thought on “let me be

  1. Well, mother Mery-you do whisper words of wisdom. As I listened to the lyrics to ‘Let it be,’ I could see you. And, yes…there will ALWAYS be a light that shines on you, and it shines through you. Great blog. Love your honesty. Love you.

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