march on

Otto pee’d in his closet this afternoon. When I returned from making his deposit into the diaper genie account he pointed to the closet and said “oh no!” Some times you just know there’s pee somewhere just waiting to be found.

March is special to our family. It represents the first Holiday Eric and I spent together when we first started to date some 6 years ago.. I sent him ‘manly’ flowers with a card that read, “twas’ a lucky day that we met.” Seriously. That’s what it said. Its also the month Eric was diagnosed with Cancer 4 years ago. Happy to report Cancer-free to this day! St. Patricks day 3 yrs. ago we found +/+ on the stick. Otto would be born 9 mos. later. St. Patty’s day last year the same +/+ appeared and we had no idea what was in store for us! Hobbs, you are pure delight. Lucky- yah you could say that. Blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

March you mean a lot to me. I welcome you with glad-itude

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