bits of our weekend

I love the weekends.
For us it means:

Roadtrips. And the only way to start a road trip is with snacks…usually french fries…preferably extra crispy ones from Red Robin.

Forts. Forts or Rocket ships you can call ’em what you like. These make for fantastic reading spots and cuddle corners.

Movies. This weekend was our first family movie. The Garland theatre is a Spokane monument. They show slightly older films like the one we saw “Chipwrecked” at a bit of discount. The whole deal for tickets and popcorn and pop was $20! My favorite candy for the movies; Redvines. They didn’t have them so I tried Grapevines, SO not the same thing.

Pancakes. All you can eat style. Bring out the peanut butter and Maple syrup.

Naps. Lots of napping. No matter your age. A little zzzzz… is sweet.

Bathing. No, not me. I generally only take one of those a week anyways! Kidding- sort of. Hobbs takes his bath on the weekends when there’s lots of extra hands around for helping.

Oscars. Yes, my date to the party was my two year old! Otto and I had our first Oscar party. We laid out the blankets and pillows on the floor popped some buttery corn and had ourselves a good ol’ time.

Friday, come back to me!

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