I’m reading this book, “The Happiness Project” I’m finding myself all over in these pages. It’s fairly easy to apply some of these tried and true principles. Right now I’m really meditating on Money and its correlation to happiness. My happiness. Tax season is here and holidays are over… my belt wants to cinch. My wallet wants to run and hide and not come back until its safe again.
I’m seriously considering giving up a few things for good- or rather a long, long, long time. I was happier scrimping and saving to buy that $3 latte. It’s not special to me anymore. Not like it used to be. I guess what I’m saying is; No! No more drive-thru espresso of any sort! Not until I’m back to appreciating. Back to being grateful for what I already have. It wasn’t two months ago I bought our home a new *Brew Station. At the time it brought me great happiness- does it really fade so quickly? I keep my own stock of Sugar-Free Vanilla and Soy on hand at all times as a way of reminding myself I have everything I need right here at home. Still, I want more. I can pretty much rationalize and reason any minor purchase with little to no guilt afterwards. Not lately. I’m starting to feel like I could be spending more wisely. An afternoon at the Farmer’s Market downtown proved to be the highlight of my week. I gave myself a budget of $40 and spent every dime of it…Half though, for the record was for a nice sized crab so no frowning. Part of what I paid for aside from the fresh produce and sea creature was the experience I had. Both boys in tow I was cheerfully greeted and (gasp) recognized! True, I had visited this market before, twice, months ago. It gave me a ‘happiness boost.’ I felt part of something better than the chain super markets. A sense of community came over me. This was the spring in the step towards spending wisely. I’d like to devote more time and energy and money into things that will buy me true happiness- Oranges 2 for a $1. Smiles and charming farmers; priceless. Don’t be shy, this is an invite to share your stories. I’d love to hear how you’re saving money and spending wisely.
All for now friends!

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